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Roxley Models
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  • Very simple set-up of ABC.
  • Versatile adjustment of ABC with both slow down and stop, intermediate running speed and acceleration rates/distances.
  • Implementation of adjustable slow down and stopping sections for automation of terminal station stopping, automatic storage and fiddle yards or even simple and direct signalling integration.
  • Low cost ABC board with switchable orientation (via easy to use headers).
  • Both on-board or external triggering of the ABC board for “ABC section on or off”.
  • Fully Automated ABC triggered shuttle abilities, all totally within the Zen Black decoder.
  • A choice of simple timer adjustment or external triggering for shuttle-related station stops, within the decoder.
  • Addition of “multiple, easily set up station or passing loop stops”, all totally within the Zen Black decoder.
  • Ability to use ABC boards interactively so that “Automated Shuttle Trains” can also share main line use.


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