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Roxley Models
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DCC Concepts - DCD-ZN8H - Zen Nano Wired 8 Pin

  Zen NANO 8 Pin Wired 2 Function w/Stay Alive   Zen NANO 8 Pin Wired 2 Function w/Stay Alive. The ZN8H is remarkably…

DCC Concepts - DCD-ZNmini.4 - Zen Black Decoder: Classic Small Decoder Shape w 8-pin Harness (4 Function)

  Zen Black Decoder: Classic small decoder shape with 8-pin harness. 4 Functions.   Zen decoder software has always been smooth, clever and…

DCC Concepts - DCD-ZNSA1 - Zen Standard Slimline Stay Alive (3)

  Zen Series Stay Alive Standard Slimline (3 Pack) A 3-pack of the Zen standard slimline stay-alive. Installation is easy – just…

DCC Concepts - DCF-BR2 - Bearing Reamers (Set of 2)

  Bearing Reamers (Set of Two) These little tools will make a big difference to how many coaches or wagons your loco…

DCC Concepts - DCF-WP12 - Pickups & Springs, 12 x Gold Plated P-Bronze Wiper Sets

  Wiper Pickups (12 Pack) 12 pair/sets of top quality easy to install wiper type pickups. These super easy to mount pickups…

DCC Concepts - DCG-BB145 - Back-to-Back Gauge (OO/HO)

  Back to Back OO/HO (Standard) 14.5mm Brass back-to-back gauge for Standard OO and HO ready to run, plus models built using…

DCC Concepts - DCG-BB1475 - Back-to-Back Gauge for finer  wheel profiles/track standards

  Back to Back OO/HO (Fine) 14.75mm Brass back-to-back gauge for modellers using NMRA standard PR25 and similar wheelsets running on Peco…

DCC Concepts - DCG-BBN - Back-to-Back Gauges (N-Gauge)

  Back to Back N Scale (Standard) 7.65mm Brass back-to-back gauge for modellers using N scale. – Set to the mid point…

DCC Concepts - DCP- PSUK - UK Mains Lead for PSU-2 or CDU-2 (Standards Approved)

  UK standards approved spare mains lead for PSU-2 and CDU-2.
Also suitable for any device needing a standard “figure-of-eight” mains…

DCC Concepts - DCP-CB1 Classic Omega - Cobalt Classic Omega

  Cobalt Classic Ω Turnout Motor One Cobalt Classic Ω Turnout Motor with all installation accessories including mounting screws and one of…

DCC Concepts - DCP-CBS - Cobalt-S Switch Lever

  Cobalt-S Lever (Single Pack) One Cobalt-S Signal Box Lever including all installation accessories. Cobalt-S Levers bring a sense of reality to the…

DCC Concepts - DCP-CBSS-2 - 2x Cobalt-SS with Controller & Accessories

  Cobalt-SS – Small, Reliable, Super-Smooth Above-Board Turnout Motors, ready for DC or DCC use. Cobalt-SS 2 Pack – Small, Reliable, Super-Smooth…

DCC Concepts - DCP-CBXO - Crossover Pack: 2x Cobalt-SS and Accessories

  Cobalt-SS Crossover pack: 2x Cobalt-SS and Accessories Each of the two independent outputs of the Cobalt-SS control board can actually power several…

DCC Concepts - DCP-CDU-2 - Integrated CDU Unit Dual High Power CDUs Super High Power

  Integrated CDU Unit Dual High Power CDUs. Super High Power. No need for an additional power supply – connect directly…

DCC Concepts - DCP-CMC - Cobalt Value Pack of Parts and Accessories

  Cobalt Value Pack (Selection of parts and accessories) A combination of tools, accessories and spare parts to make installation Cobalt Motors…

DCC Concepts - DCP-PWR - Cobalt Alpha Power 18V, 5 amp DC or DCC power supply

Cobalt Alpha Power 18V, 5 amp DC or DCC power supply supplied with mains lead suitable for your country. Cobalt α Alpha Power…

DCC Concepts - DCP-SFH - Cobalt-S Solder- Free Harness

  Cobalt-S Solder-Free Harness (3 Pack) Something special for those who find soldering complex wiring difficult:  Three complete harnesses for Cobalt-S levers…

DCC Concepts - DCP-SPS12 - 12v DC Split Power Supply Kit. (inc PCB and 2x Universal Wall Plugs)

Cobalt Power Supplies 12v DC Split Power Supply Kit. (inc PCB and 2x Universal Wall Plugs)   This DCCconcepts (+12 (0v) (-12) split-rail…

DCC Concepts - DCR-P500 - Pack of 500 Gold Plated Pins

  500 hardened and gold plated pins for fixing of rod stools, track or many other things around the layout. Small and…

DCC Concepts - DCS-S145 - Sapphire 145 (Detail Solder)

  Sapphire 145 (Detail Solder) Sapphire 145 is 0.8mm diameter solder with no peaking and which flows absolutely brilliantly. It has a…

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