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  • Driving Pantograph Trailer Standard car (DPTS) - powered
  • Driving Pantograph Trailer First car (DPTF)
  • 3 x Coaches

A logical design progression from the Class 395 Javelin, the Class 800/801/802 stock have been designed to technical specifications laid down by the Department for Transport, complying with the latest European standards. The main requirements were for the stock to have the flexibility to run on a variety of lines, on gradients up to 1:37, with varying running infrastructure, as well as being adaptable to future transport planning and passenger demands. Running as five car and nine car units, trains can be extended up to a maximum of twelve cars, with a maximum total multiple length of 312 metres, in both bi-mode (dual electric/diesel) and electric forms.


Hitachi's IEP project is split into three classes; the Class 800 bi-mode, powered from either the 25kV Overhead Electric Supply or the internal MTU 12V 1600 R80L engines, the Class 801 operating from the 25kV Overhead Electric Supply only and the Class 802 bi-mode, powered from either the 25kV Overhead Electric Supply or from upgraded internal MTU 12V 1600 R80L engines that deliver 940hp per engine, as opposed to the 750hp of the Class 800. Each of the three classes are then split into sub-classes, depending on train length.

The roll out begins between May and July 2017, with the five car Class 800/0 sets on the West Country Mainline and will be followed by the introduction of Class 800/1 nine car sets and Class 800/2 five car sets on the East Coast mainline. Class 800/3 nine car sets are being converted from the originally ordered Class 801/2 sets by Hitachi Italy and these will run on the West Country mainline as well.

The five car Class 800/0 has a seating capacity of forty five in First Class and 270 in Standard Class, with the nine car Class 800/1 having a seating capacity of 101 in First Class and 526 in Standard Class. The five car is made up from a Standard Driving Car, two Standard motor carriages, a Composite motor carriage and Composite Driving Car, with the nine car having an additional Standard motor carriage, two Standard trailer carriages and a First motor carriage.

This means an increase in carrying capacity of 18% over the InterCity 125 resulting in 28% more seats going into King's Cross on the East Coast mainline and 40% going into Paddington on the Great Western mainline during the morning rush hour period. Average journey times are due to be cut by up to fifteen minutes on routes from London to Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh, according to current DfT sources.

Gauge  OO
DCC Type DCC Ready
Period Current
Operator/Livery GWR Green
Age Suitability 14+
Motor 5 Pole Skew Wound







Special Features

  • Directional lighting

  • Non-working pantograph

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